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International peer-reviewed Journals:


v. Boetticher, A.; Turowski, J.M.; McArdell, B.W.; Rickenmann, D.; Hürlimann, M.;Scheidl, C.; Kirchner, J.W. (2017) DebrisInterMixing-2.3: a finite volume solver for three-dimensional debris-flow simulations with two calibration parameters – Part 2: Model validation. Geosci. Model Dev. 10, 3963–3978.

Palau RM., Hürlimann, M., Pinyol, J., Moya, J., Victoriano, A., Génova, M., Puig, C. and Huange, Y., (2017). Recent debris-flows in the Portainé catchment (Eastern Pyrenees, Spain). Analysis of monitoring and field data focussing on the 2015 event. Landslides, 14(3), 1161-1170.

Abancó, C., Hürlimann, M., Moya, J., Berenguer, M. (2016) Critical rainfall conditions for the initiation of torrential flows. Results from the Rebaixader catchment (Central Pyrenees), Journal of Hydrology, 541, 218-229. doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2016.01.019

Braud, I; Borga, M.; Gourley, J.; Hürlimann, M.; Zappa, M.; Gallart, F. (2016) Flash floods, hydro-geomorphic response and risk management. Journal of Hydrology. 541:1–5.

Hürlimann, M.; Abancó, C.; Moya, J.; Berenguer, M.; Vilajosana, I. (2016) Debris-Flow Monitoring for the Set-Up of a Warning and Alarm System - Experiences from the Pyrenees. International Journal of Erosion Control Engineering. Vol. 9, No. 3, 107-113

Arattano, M.; Abancó, C.; Coviello, V.; Hürlimann, M.; McArdell, W.B. (2016) Methods of Data Processing for Debris Flow Seismic Warning. International Journal of Erosion Control Engineering. Vol. 9, No. 3, 114-121

Conference Proceedings (only international):

Oorthuis, R., Hürlimann, M., Moya, J., Vaunat, J., (2017) In-situ monitoring of slope mass-wasting. Examples from the Pyrenees. JTC1 Workshop on Advances in Landslide Understanding. Barcelona.105-108.

Hürlimann, M., Palau, MR., Berenguer, M., Pinyol, J. (2017) Analysis of the rainfall conditions inducing torrential activity in the Portainé catchment (Eastern Pyrenees, Spain). Geophysical Research Abstracts. Vol. 19, EGU2017-12494.

Hürlimann, M., Lantada, N., Gonzalez, M., Pinyol, J. (2016) Susceptibility assessment of rainfall-triggered flows and slides in the Central-Eastern Pyrenees. XII Int. Symposium on Landslides and Engineered Slopes, Naples, Italy. 1129-1136.

Vaunat, J., Hürlimann, M., Luna, B. (2016) Pore pressure regime leading to shallow failures in a mountain slope: monitoring and interpretation by soil-atmosphere coupled model. Geophysical Research Abstracts.  Vol. 18, EGU2016-15812

Mavrouli, O., Hürlimann, M., Abancó, C., Moya, J., Copons, R., Ruiz-Carulla, R. (2016) Monitoring of fast moving landslides in the Pyrenees. Proceedings of the 1st IMEKO TC4 International Workshop on Metrology for Geotechnics. 236-241




PhD Theses:




MSc Theses:

Oorthuis, R (2016) Diseño de un experimento a gran escala para estudiar el efecto de las interacciones suelo-vegetación-atmósfera en laderas. Trabajo final de máster, UPC. 168pp - pdf

Martínez, G. (2016) Análisis del comportamiento del suelo por infiltración en una ladera y su relación ante el deslizamiento superficial de Cercs. Trabajo final de máster, UPC. 93pp - pdf

Heras, P. (2016) Análisis de la distribución temporal de lluvias umbral y de su capacidad predictiva de flujos torrenciales.
Aplicación en el barranco del Rebaixader (Lleida, Pirineos). Trabajo final de grado, UPC. 69pp - pdf